Actress Charlotte Mounter’s Guest Post

We are delighted to have the wonderful Charlotte Mounter post for us this month. Charlotte is an actress and a mummy that has been on stage and screen since 2001.  With lead roles in films such as Ghost Nets and Butterfly Ashes as well as commercials for Thomsons, Moonpig and Littlewoods she certainly gets around!  Women’s issues are close to Charlotte’s heart so she was very pleased with the chance to write something for Cervical Screening.



I was recently asked if I would mind writing a piece for this cervical screening blog, straight away I had only one thought, that I would be honoured to contribute to such a worthy cause. 


Coming from a medical family I am no stranger to medical talk at home. I grew up in a large family (I am the youngest of 4) so chats around the dinner table were a staple piece of the Mounter household.  With my Mum and sister being nurses and my eldest brother a doctor they would often share stories/thoughts from their day and nothing was off limits!


My mum has long been an advocate of regular screening and it was very open in our house, both my sister and I were educated and encouraged to seek smear tests when the right time came for us.  There was no scary illusion or stigma attached to it, it was seen as the same as visiting the dentist to check your teeth or the GP when you were ill.


Before I had my first smear I spoke to my sister Laura about it (she is 6 years older than me) and she reassured me that although it wasn’t very pleasant it is over very quickly.  However, my own experiences have always been fairly good.  Mum has always assured me that, whilst to me it was a big deal and all far too personal, to the nurse doing it I was just another body on another day.  At first I found the whole experience a little daunting but once you relax (and think of what shopping you have to get that day) it is painless, quick and not as bad as you might think.


Luckily (as far as I’m aware) none of my friends or family have had any negative results but that doesn’t mean to say they haven’t or wont so I would urge anyone, no matter what age you are to get yourself checked out. I certainly will be. 

 An open dialogue is so important for women today and the internet makes it possible to reach so many people.  Something like Cervical Screening is so simple and easily available to all, it saves lives and we really should be talking about it.  A lot.

 Thanks for reading.

 Charlotte xxxx

Charlotte has her own web page and a really well written blog too: Also please check out her showreal for some of her work Showreal




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